i promise i just came out for food …
CC:// @newarkprintshop @mataruda (at Newark Printshop)
some sort of alien #succulent … (at City of Concord)
#poop or #nuts? (at Daly City/San Francisco)
लघिमन् Lagiman
Definition: #लघिमन् m. [लघोर्भावः इमनिच् डिच्च]

1 Lightness, absence of weight.

2 Littleness, smallness, insignificance.

3 Lightness, levity, lowness or meanness of spirit; मानुषतासुलभो लघिमा प्रश्नकर्मणि मां नियोजयति K.

4 Thought- lessness, frivolity.

5 The supernatural power of assuming excessive lightnesss at will, one of the eight Siddhis #सिद्धि q. v
"The #Ashanti people,
As well as other groups in West #Alkebulan had creative ways of solving problems and dealing with matters of trade and commerce. An example of their ingenuity is this mechanism for weighing gold dust.”
i promise this #succulent looks better in person. (at City of Oakland)
outa town w @oddlydreaming  (at Haight Street)